I experienced an Explosive Kundalini Awakening that dramatically Transformed  my life. It felt like 220 volts of lightning that exploded up through my body and out of my head in several seconds. That was the beginning of the journey that never ends and I learned to walk in Transformation.

After the initial blast of white light, my direct experience showed me that the goal my Kundalini had was to make an energetic passageway from the base of the spine through all the seven major energy centers. It strived to energetically rewire me by boring a hole through every block I had in my body, known or unknown to me. This process enabled the primal force to pass through to the next energy center where the process begins again.

During this time I faced every facet of my Ego Identity, until it was completely dismantled and the Dark Night of the Soul began. Walking in Faith took on a whole new meaning.

Eventually THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL entered and endeavored to integrate and anchor itself into the seed atom of the Heart.