Carl Sagan said, “The Absence of Evidence is Not the Evidence of Absence”.

Just because you can’t see it that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

When we believe in ourselves we know our truth as our walk in life.

We are testimonial to our experiences whether Spiritual or in our reality. There is purpose when we are given precious Soul gifts of Spiritual phenomena and our Soul faculties have become restored, we can become Spiritual Warriors of our direct experiences. 

If we buy into judgment by others, we give our power away and open ourselves to fear and doubt. We do not have to victimize ourselves with opinions and judgment by others. We can learn discernment about what was said and what was done or choose to let it go wrapped up in Love.

When negative emotion is given to this internal drama we create more of the same and the cycle repeats over and over, a pattern we never forget.

 Our experiences presented to us are for our personal growth and evolution as well as evolution for  humanity as we share our words, whether we are believed or not. 

We are in charge and walk in our own Spiritual Light ! 


copyright JAGUAR  12-4-2012

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