Strong opposition of your energy and makes its way toward Soul Wounding and causes blocks in the energy body preventing pure pranic flow of the Spirit to channel it’s love into the body.

When we clear these channels we allow the energetic flow of life to enter our experience  and come further into the powerful alignment with the Soul. Clearing blocks and transforming ourselves allows  problems and issues to dissolve  and drop away.

If we look at our life, is it clear to us where we really are? Do we have the courage to change?

Are we fooling ourselves to what we think happiness truly is for isn’t happiness  living in our Heart?

Our Hearts keeps us alive,staying alive is living,living is freedom, joy, passion, love, inspiration, creativity, laughter wonder and beauty.


It is our job to move from survival and fear to Love, no matter who we are, where we are from or where we are at;  there is always another level to reach. Becoming more  whole allows us  to notice our own engagement with others has changed because we are standing in a new place. We have grown, expanded our essence of who we are. Our new energetic expression comes alive in us and offers a new vision to others.

The right words at the right time in the right way is loving. Giving and healing takes place. Forgiving is letting go and letting go heals the heart. We love again. We stay in our new energetic presence. Each expansion increases our vibration and we can climb mountain of personal growth. There is always room at the top for everyone to see the view of life from this perspective.

If we are on the top we reach out our hands to others as they climb to see what is there and help them up. As we reach out we lift up their hearts by showing the way standing together.
When we are living in the heart our passion directs our lives and radiance becomes the Light that guides us. Joy and fulfillment arrive when we become the inspiration of our own loving force.

Copyright December 12,2012 JAGUARSPEAKS