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It’s called SOUL DIVISION.
Sit back and let the instructions come out. You are to go to place of quiet and begin contemplation and when the time is right we will begin.

Not everyone does this and it’s part of the Plan.
We begin again. It is a lesson of today. As we meet, we discuss the plans for the future. There are many choices ahead for you. Each choice is full of adventure as we move into a new era. World Teachers are meeting together and discussing who shall come to the front. Our plans are especially complicated, but meaning also there are parts of the plan that is easy to carry out.

You only do what you wish to do. Eventually, there is completion. Standing at the Gateway is a big event. We wish for those that want to lift up and Ascend to form a line in the mind with others that wish to Ascend. So, you divide yourself and set your other half free. It’s a choice.
There is more to it.

One of the reasons for this message is we now allow more full communication because the frequencies are higher. All channels are clear now. In these moments we honor those who have decided to move on. No one dies, they Ascend. They Ascend with the frequencies and you have been reading about the Grid. So educating yourself is good.

Enlightened beings are ready to go if they wish. Our environment suits you. You have been here before. There is peace.

Your avatars will meet and know each other in human form. In a few moments we will give you instructions for a new walk in life. There is much at hand as we begin this day. The biological Earth is having difficulty in her Ascension, but she will manage, she always has.

We begin again. (12:43 pm)
As we explore our choices we learn there is more on the plate with our expansion. As we come into the Light we see there are Gateways open and that we can go to other places, while we still stay here. So this division as we said is like giving birth to another aspect of you as an avatar and it goes on to have a new adventure.

The Gateway is the opportunity for this expansion of you. Most will not do this because of their own frozen concepts of belief and fear. Fear is not part of this Ascension because it is fear that freezes the mentality of the mind with the locked in version of who and how one thinks they are and what they believe.


December 19, 2012