Cosmic Beings / Messages



There is focus as we travel, we find the Stargate and it is open. When we come into the Light we experience transitions and as we contemplate, the frequencies are impactful.
There is an alignment of forces and receivership. Those that are interested in escaping or moving out of the gravity of the web can bring their intention on the Gateway. We imagine in the mind all Souls gathering upon a place, so you are “seeing” in your mind. There are others there. This is a separate place than life as usual at home, so we do the Ascension work in the “mind” this time.

We say this because many have done this work. That is, the personal work throughout their lives, so there has been clearing and you have raised your frequency.
But now, the point is Soul Division and it’s done in the mind for most people on Earth.

The Gateway offers many choices of where you will wish to go.
Think of where you would like your next lifetime to be other than Earth. This is for your next Avatar of you.

There is time to think about this, so no rushing, it’s all easy. Think of what you wish to look like, what your environment will be. Think maybe about living without any conflict whatsoever.
Higher dimensional planes do not experience conflict in the way life on Earth does.

December 21, 2012