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Do Not Be Afraid
The Angels Have Come In

And we begin these moments with a prayer that all things good shall manifest when we reach into our Hearts and lay the foundation upon the work that needs to be done.
We are the fire are we not? And with this flame it will blaze the way as we create our torch with the spark that holds the fire.

One step at a time we ignite each truth until it sheds the Light for those that see and when they do it will become the Awakened One.

So much time has come and gone until the one has come to remember who they are and from where they come, the work continues until each knowing is fulfilled.

Many lights will shine but not all see and so we touch the hearts of those we meet. We radiate our Love as a beacon in the Heart and find this to be purposeful as we walk into the night. We stay surrounded in our love and walk our truth with each step we take.

The time has come when we can do the work we set out to do.
And now we begin and create in the Heart and what way better to begin than

November 26, 2012 12:00 AM
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