Cosmic Beings / Messages


The fire brings forth the newness of this information. We are ready to focus our intention on the work that needs to be done.
We speak with grace and the fortitude of love that is a constant flowing from Source.

Our day begins with a visit from Chief White Eagle.
I am Chief White Eagle and there is much to say that we come from the stars. The star nations of ancient times. As we meet we can speak of the many nations in the world today that are not at peace. The evolution, in the course of time, will become the future in that the peace will eventually win this war of nations. The frequencies elevate to the mountains in the sky and the surviving humans will make it to the top. The mountains hold the ancestral peace within the earth. They come alive in our hearts as we have walked the paths to the top many times with much to see on the way.

Now we come to these times and there is war everywhere, even within your own hearts. The warring within each person cannot be held forever because then there is not ascension. Each journey is a new one within the heart. We speak of the love we can have in this moment with each other. We walk into the flame that transforms us in our warring times and we find we are renewed.

There are the colors of the rainbow that we carry across with us as we walk into the new world where there is peace and harmony. We live amongst each other as One and united to our brothers and our sisters with a light so bright we need no flame to carry at night. The blanket keeps us warm and we use it on others. We use the ray of the sun to keep us warm during the day and the blanket keeps us at night where we heal our wounds while we sleep.

Many times we forget ourselves so we must search and find the place where we were lost. There is peace when we collect the memories of how we got there and what we did so we can give it to Mother and bury it in her sacred place where she takes us and keeps us warm and feeds us. Go to Mother as she is waiting for us with her heart. Take your blanket and go into the woods and speak to her, build your fire and spend the time you need. She will tell you what she thinks and you will feel it in your heart and know what to do.

She speaks in many ways so keep your heart open to receive her many blessings and comfort as you wait for her to take you in her arms. Find your way and seek the knowledge and the wisdom for yourself and share with us when you return with this medicine. Our healing and medicine works for us. As we transform ourselves we will take to the fire and offer our suffering as we share and smoke the pipe.