Cosmic Beings / MASTER KUTHUMI


I am Master Kuthumi,
We find our discordance misplaced as we walk along the Path. Many times the destiny of those around us cause our own being discordant energies and so we attract those same things to ourselves.
Now we are wondering how the problem will get fixed? We inquire our minds for solutions that could help. Our prayers and thoughts are heard.

Each Initiate has to do his own work and we assist those that ask for help. However when they are clouded they find it hard and sometimes cannot hear. The Initiate determines what happens to himself. There are multiples of openings for advancement and learning available when one listens to themselves.

We walk a tight line as a mother. We remove the sadness and not all is lost, there is fortitude for there are Angels around all and masterful arrangements in synchronicity.
Faith steps up to the plate. Hope has a place card at the table. We dine together and have our discussions, compassion stirs within and there is a promise of new beginnings.

Release and let go. Cut the cords. We find we are at peace when the cords are cut.


Copyright February 7, 2013