We connect and come live as we flow with the Informing Principal.
Today, in alignment with our self, an establishment has meaning within. Our alignment with the quartz crystal opens many doors and has effects upon the body, within your crystalline structure. Placement of the quartz upon the energy centers brings alignment and again we say the alignment is complete, sourcing established.
All information is recorded, from what we see the light body is in final stage of completion. As we source, we find creations within also coming to completion.

I am Djwhal Khul and we begin a lesson for today. We find we are on a new Path, our study finds there is readiness as the cycle completes. We transmit our perceptions for it is when we show our Love that we change our Light.
In this alignment the future brings new information as conduits experience the intensified energies…. our stabilizing holds steady and gridding takes place.
Our beginning today is a step into the future as we experience this moment, for in this scenario there is the intention set forth in action. We turn the page to our book and find a new chapter is being written in the sky. Sky writing she calls it. Did we not contemplate these actions?

Firelight comes alive with a smile as she sees what is to be obtained. Now, not all the details are given, for in this request, we obey the Law of Interference with the natural course of events. Ignited in this creation, sentences flow in time, with one foot on the ground and the other kicking off a new play in the game. See the creation in its special moment? The unforeseen; an unfolding of the next word to be spoken or written.

Let us begin with the written word, another opening line to share with the world. Movement within stirs and passion ignites the fire. What words will ignite the world?
BE A FOUNTAIN OF LOVE….a luminous point when we are Whole.

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February 24, 2013