Cosmic Beings / MASTER KUTHUMI


The Masters are present and we refine our love.
I am Master Kuthumi and we come live.

Our fear of abandonment is unfounded and we dominate our love. For it is when the Initiate calls, we say again that no one is left alone. We stand in our presence and make our call.
In knowing our way, we know our belief. The shadow of doubt wanes as we know the difference. The difference is in the human condition known as Abandonment. Whether it may be within your field or within your present reality, abandonment touches all Souls on the Earth realm. As we walk along the Path we can find that the Love we seek for our hearts and the love we seek in our minds are related. As the saying goes “As Above So Below”. We manifest our fears and our dreams show this when we look into ourselves as we seek.
When all is said and done each fear that is transcended makes room for your dreams in your reality.
We watch with anticipation that the signs and synchronicities speak to all with love as it manifests growth on your Path. We are always in your field, something that is hard for you to know as I have said before. We watch over all, there is a greatness and fortitude that is around all. Coming into this alignment and learning from every opportunity expands your consciousness and depth of knowledge as you walk in Grace.

Peace to all on Earth as we travel together, no one is left behind.

I am Master Kuthumi and I bid you Good Day.


March 16, 2013