Cosmic Beings / PHOTOGRAPHY

MADAM BLAVATSKY through Jaguar

DSC_0044Many lifetimes have come and gone and still we remember.
Madam Blavatsky is present. Good Morning, I am Madam Blavatsky and we meet in psychic tranquility. We come in Spiritual awareness and love where we float in time and our ease and awareness sets our pace. I wish to make an appearance as though I was in reality as we find our Hearts are One. We match our frequencies and our alignment follows a more smooth transition.

When we meet in this way, there are congruent thought waves that make our union in completion. In our heart there is an opening like a doorway where we can move in and out of time-space and we can bilocate our love. Our thought waves are of the mental body, however the heart speaks a language that is communicable. We find as we are consistent in our patterns we can be fluid in time with our love with patterns making energetic matches on all levels. Our Lemurian lifetime brings us vibrational patterns that we can mutually express whereby Spiritual revelations move and unravel layers of the times gone by. As we continue to awaken we cross many barriers. Being human holds the structure in a time lock and the awakening of each individual releases the belief of one’s reality until a more full experience of the broader perspective has been obtained. There are no walls that keep us apart when we are all One.

This experience of the bigger picture offers a new adventure with the enfoldment of Spiritual awareness. We are never far from a call from the Initiate and the Heart will let you know.

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