146The Aquarian Moon was making her transit in her usual way and knocked on the door in the house of Gemini. Here she always liked to stay for a few days as it was usually an impressive visit in one way or the other and she had always admired Gemini’s great mind.
Upon entering his house she said, “Gemini, did you know that all this is an illusion and your higher consciousness is really an observer holding you here while you have this zodiacal experience on the wheel?
Gemini who is quite communicative became inspired by her comment and replied “If this is an illusion then reality is in the mind because I observe everything this way, so my illusions are real.
Now the Aquarian Moon felt quite lucky hooking him into this conversation and pressed further by saying, “Once you dismantle your ego and resolve your karma, purification of your ethereal body will transpire and eventually you will enter the Void”.
Gemini scoffed at this philosophy because he is comfortable in his mind where he can create all the desirable goodies by way of his intentions and manifestation.
Now the Aquarian Moon is quite intuitive and was really on this day so she caught his game and declared, “This sounds to me like desire; for desire is an attachment of the second chakra. You should ask the Sun when he stops by to radiate and clear you of the illusions that are holding you captive in karmic destiny. Don’t you want to enter the Void and be One with All That Is? ”.
Suddenly, a knock on Gemini’s door is heard and their mutable experience became enlightened with love as Venus entered and filled the air with her Venusian qualities. Now peace and harmony ruled and by the will of the Aquarian Moon she filled her heart with all the love she could hold and cast her reflective light on the Earth below.

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