200The encodements of dream symbology are made apparent and real to the dreamer in the Halls of Learning through dream intuition. During the day physical self-consciousness does not fully reveal the Soul for in the day we use our senses to sense our way around and daytime is the Souls’ night. In the dream state of the night the Soul uses symbology to reveal and mirror instruction.

Chocolate is used in symbology to portray indulgence and therefore chocolate experienced in your dreams refers to somewhere in your external life you can find a lesson for you to learn about indulgence. This is your homework assignment, for it is you and you only that can do this. Through discernment and digging historically into your ego, these nightly sojourns and lessons will see you evolve.

Chocolate Fear is about the fear to indulge. What is this?

This is the fear to indulge in something that you have been afraid to explore. This could be something that you have wanted to do all your life and here it is again appearing in your life to try and you have found all kinds of ways to avoid exploring it. I am not talking about the responsibility of the checklists we find ourselves a Task Master. I am talking about a truly creative and freedom loving experience that you cannot bring yourself to do for you are always too busy to have fun OR you are AFRAID to have FUN.  In the University of the Night, this is called Chocolate Fear.

This is your instruction to pick up that paintbrush or whatever has been calling to you regardless of what responsibilities are constantly showing up in your external life. Face the avoidance head on, let go and do it. You will be eternally grateful for the guidance and probably fall in love with the experience. You have nothing to lose and only will grow from it.

Always the dreamer knows best his interpretation for he will learn discernment in all dreams but the dreamer will never know unless he researches his own dreams by beginning writing them down before he forgets!


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