DSC_1215Right next to NOW – is not being immersed in the current stream of creativity.  It is the direct result of living using the mind to multitask something that has either happened or something you think might happen. It is not coinciding with what is happening NOW.

We are bombarded with innumerable distractions causing disarrangement of energies and throwing us off our focus when our evolution is calling us in duty to express our focus in learning how to experience NOW as a way of life.

Using a camera as an example, we can find the light reader in the view finder that will indicate if there is enough light available for capturing a picture of the current reality. We can liken this to our life in a way that tells us where our Light is focused and what is in your picture of life that you have created or miscreated.

A picture it is indeed to perceive, for again I say we are out picturing our internal affairs into our current state of affairs in our NOW.  The pictures of you and your life have been taken. Every experience has been recorded and is now a Record of Creation.


I would like to point out one of many examples of energy derangement. Maybe you have a big issue that you are unable to overcome and you’ve been feeding it in some kind of obsessive way. It could be toxic and loaded with emotion yet cool being camouflaged with a callused quality; you don’t feel it but its there.

Let us ponder this. You might be feeling this emotion in a way you have been taught and substituting the emotional experience by identifying it with survival skills learned. Now, using the skills and acting them out being frozen is different from getting to the root of why you are obsessing. 

The root issue might not be surfacing in the same way your other emotions have surfaced. Meanwhile the root issue energy is being further crammed down into the lower three of the Soul’s vortices.  You might not be feeling it or you could be unconsciously ignoring it; another survival trick of sweeping it under the rug.

Maybe you have not been monitoring your thoughts in the NOW and got caught up participating in the game of victim consciousness by stepping out of the position of being an observer. If this is going on, an emotional overture has begun and your are too distracted to notice being numb.


It is the ENERGY that you are feeding, sitting in and have not let go that is bringing you down to your knees into an opposition of hot and cold energies. This could be portrayed in dream symbology as SNOW and you wake up to remember that you dreamed of snow. You can now know this a big clue because it is 89 degrees in your house! If you are feeding your exert; you are opposite. You are opposite of the tsusami of creativity.

Your Master, Guides and Soul are presenting you guidance. You can say you are happy all you want and you may even think you are happy but the indicators through your body, feelings and dreams will show you the honest picture. You may not like it; but you own it with a big mortgage on it that needs to be paid off and I guarantee  your EGO will fight it all the way to doctors’ office.

When you experience NOW it is all inclusive and as a Master Creator you will experience riding the tsunami of creativity. There is rapture with engaging focus, merging your NOW into the next frame of the unfolding moment.

You might say “Oh I have that!” but I am going to say that if you are behaving oppressively and barking at others, you do not and it is time to look yourself in the mirror and see what is reflecting for reflecting is not only about thoughts and what has happened. It is gaining insight by looking deep into yourself for your own healing.


What is this going to mean? It means you have to CHANGE and in order for others to change they need to see the change in you. This is igniting the truth within you so that your inner healing can begin. I am not saying that it is easy, but it is worth it and it is worth it for me to step out with an epistle and say it again and again.


 This is truly a mastering of the Self and when we master living in the NOW, we are powerfully experiencing creatorship as we were meant to. Ultimately it is living and creating your life simultaneously in a cocreational  partnership with and by the grace of your Soul.

Living in the NOW, demands a discipline of managing yourself on a Mastership level FULL TIME. A full shift in consciousness Mastership requires, whereby you are making leadership choices unconsciously within the Higher Mind. You may or may not be aware this is happening and when the opportunities come, get ready to receive them. Surround yourself with the love that you are seeking by way of the devotion to know thy Self and to open the inner passageway to the Soul.

It is easy to forget to keep our focus on NOW for many of us because we get caught up with surviving and begin thinking about the future or the past. Perhaps just by worrying about the inescapable evil; MONEY. Worrying takes over in one way or another and we forget that our survival is directly related to our Soul because it is the Soul that is holding us here!


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