356Is luck tangible because we have witnessed or experienced it with the joy of wonder and is it in our belief? Why would luck not be tangible when we see it every day in our lives? Is clarity needed to draw on our luck? We can tap into LUCK because luck is a real thing if we allow it.

When we are in our own spiral of confusion luck is pretty darn hard to see. Even when sitting in Divine moments of transfer healing the Neptunian energies can cloud things up. What was inside of you that is blocking your manifestations?

We can all intend for peaceful cycle endings with the full Moon but with Chiron involved in Pisces, the healing truths unfold and what needs to be known will be revealed.  If you think you didn’t get a dose, it is certain that you did with the transcendental energies of Pisces that penetrated the Universe. During this time the healing message becomes clear to look internally and transfer healing externally.

The powerful YODS reign in the skies pointing you towards decision making of great importance. Luck in material things can and will manifest during this window of an almost complete Grand Sextile with the Moon in Taurus. It’s a window of opportunity to draw on luck.

If you had downloads in last nights’ dreamscape, the clarity and perceptions on blocking issues of money might have been revealed.  Have you woven a web by over thinking and making things hard on yourself from indecision ? 

You might have starred in your own dream participating and acting out in what went wrong and what needs to be fixed. Take action in understanding your position if you can for a  Moon in Taurus oversees money and material possesions;  it’s up to us to set our lucky intentions.

When we wrap our Self up in doubt we need to accelerate our course of action by the amplification of UPOWER. Get your pen out and write up your own UPOWER words to ramp up the belief in yourself and LUCK for it is as real as anything else to manifest into form.

Up and down we go raising our consciousness and then stepping out of it by mismanaging our emotions. Over thinking causes worry but many people are very productive with worry because the focal point is on achievements from getting the dishes done to becoming over qualified to fit employment. The checklist becomes too important when it is running you and you are not paying attention to what is running inside by way of your intuition and body talking. Until we learn to stabilize our thoughts and emotions we should realize we are leading ourselves into the successes and failures we are experiencing in life.

All you have to do is look into yourself for the answers and be dedicated to tuning in to the internal knowing that is seeking to be heard.  Take the revelations and use the silver lining to manifest gold! Are we not motivated by gold whether it is a gold metal or a Golden Light?

If you are not dreaming, feeling, seeing and experiencing it,  this could mean that you are not tapped into the freeways of intuition. This will come to you as Spiritual unfoldment when you learn to trust and believe in yourself. Your guidance is a shining light and you should use it to see your way in whatever way is right for you.

Call me a dreamer if you want but I say it is the dreams that will give you the honest truth when you find your own guidance within the Master Teacher of your Self. 

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