The Inner Core Examination Through Mercury Retrograde


Knowing or unknowing, we fall back, being drawn toward introspection during Mercury Retrograde with its’ inward pull.  Here, in a leisurely manner, experiences occur of mirroring and reflecting our personal concerns.

Could the inner mysterious silence of retrogrades’ call be to pull out the stakes and examine restraining factors that hold us rigid, inflexible and unchangeable?  Mercury Retrograde energy offers the ability for deep inner core examination ultimately revealing we can win the interior battle when our number is called, earning wisdom and making us the wisdom keeper.

 Disclosure of debris collected from the tumults of the past will be made known to us and we must examine the deeper subject with vigilance. These pieces ultimately lead us towards resiliency and transmutation. What happens when the ungrounding reality alarm goes off and it is time to grow again? Stretching isn’t so easy this time around if we are inflexible.                                                    


Emotional transformation is key here because it is the emotions that can bring us down from the lofty wonder of personal satisfaction where we wish to stay but also leads us to healing on core issue points. If we perceive ourselves as a dart board taking the darts of life by overreacting to each one, eventually the bulls’ eye is struck, deeply rattling the emotional cage.

These patterns having been unrealized, activated, knocked around, fought, examined and lost in the struggle battle can be released into transmutation to grow past your current state of condition. The needed alchemy begins by walking through the palisade of energy patterns that are imbedded deep within the auric field yet rising to the surface and keeping you in frequency check. 

 When we recognize personal healing is activated we have the opportunity to connect the dots using mastery and introspection to resonate with what surfaced from under the rug. This new Self Mastery instructor will usher in wisdom changing our personal vector towards alchemic breakdown making transformation, transmutation and eventually transfiguration the desired path of healing. 

Heavy energy has gravity requiring much inner strength to raise it high enough to see and burn it. Light a flame to it using the minds’ creative ability of imagination and burn the darkness you see, transforming it into Light.

                              TAKING THE DIVE AGAIN   –  GIVING YOUR POWER  AWAY

Emotions govern our status quo with the lower three energy centers ruling in conjunction with the lower three dimensions holding our state of beingness like an anchor and allowing us to experience life with our senses to choose which way we want to go.

Even though we have survived trials into successes, we are always subject to repeat sinkers until we learn to master our emotions and here in this jurisdiction; Saturn the Karmic Taskmaster rules.  When using the lower energy centers with negative ego, you’re looping your energy into repeat until you master it.

Letting go of your power loses yourself and your grounding. These are introspective crossroads of learning on what took you down. Make your will your testament and evidence towards a new destination.  Proclaim your ability to pass the karmic construct and burst out with the high potential:    I AM FREE !    



We’ll be pulling out of Mercury Retrograde on June 11, 2015 so tune into the transit forward manifesting a fresh new you. Observe the freedom of release now and feel the energetic thrust when Mercury transits forward. The pearls gleaned from the hard work you didn’t realize you were doing;  will be realized.

This is beauty of retrograde; the introspective quality so deep and private that consciously or unconsciously our Spiritual house got cleaned effortlessly. When Mercury moves forward some might find themselves sitting in a new valued perspective detecting a mindful purification and others may notice nothing.

  © JAGUARSPEAKS   June 11, 2015