May 24, 2014 209Many of us are feeling a peak of intensity as the North Node shifts out of Libra and into Virgo marking an energetic transition felt by many empaths. We could be experiencing the South Node in Pisces, in timeless tranquility where liquid light transcends time.

October 10, 2015  is the slice of time when this progression happens and ready or not; it’s here to stay until 2017. We have lots of time to learn all we can to make Earth a better place while helping to serve others.

The Priestess Facilitator walks in her own way: Les Energies Feminines…she calls us to be who you are and go the whole way. Virgo leads us into selfless service while drawing on our intent to love how we choose to serve, igniting it with full passion. Overall, the North Node represents new  opportunities for growth in Soul evolution as it ushers in a new brand of challenges  that connects us into making a logical and causal interaction into a new role. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking on a new profession but it can mean taking what you have to a whole new level and putting your heart into it again. Virgo energies call us forth to step up to the plate and ground out our skill sets towards a path of service in work and health.

Decision making policies were a focal point when the North Node was in Libra causing us to examine closely what should we do in our own respective situations. We made many important decisions – some tough ones too catapulting us to where we are now. We landed on both our feet,  surefooted and ready to skillfully rise to new heights, opening doors towards fulfilling the high potential; “The Highest Good of All” and serving humanity with an illuminating feminine principal. Is this not the highest standard we can achieve? When we endeavor to perform for “The Highest Good of All” we are filling out a subscription to learn about unity consciousness.

I would like to enter a core point here that each living sentient form is in service to each other.  This can be likened to the evolutionary food chain. In this example we can take it a step further to  illustrate that evolved higher beings above us are also in service to humanity. We need to learn how to serve, it’s the way of the Aquarian Age; our future and the North Node in Virgo will give us our education.

Our stage is now set and we begin to roll up our sleeves again delving further into working with these energies to co-create and manifest how to make it work within the structures that we live and breath in.


The energies of the North Node in Virgo works with the masculine but doesn’t mean men will not be masculine; it means the energies of the Divine Feminine Principal are harmoniously aligning with the male polarity via the Virgo archetype. It could mean something different for everyone for it depends on how each individual works and manifests with the energies. Let’s not forget  “We are in charge!” Why not intend to find a Virgo male or female friend for they have innately embraced the Virgoan experience merely by being born into it. Watch how they work it!

Male evolution is learning how to restructure; some sooner than others, perhaps by downloading the Divine Feminine Principal through the Virgo archetype. Women, remember; ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This is not so unconvincing if we consider that energy is in everything and we are not separate from it, even as it changes form and changes us.


We can look up above and speculate with the wandering eye if Archetypes were intentional. I like to believe they were created with intent and manifest through the star constellations permeating the Earth with potential. This hypothesis seemingly has evolutionary purpose  for the energy of Archetypes feeds into everything including the food we eat and the water we drink.  This is not something that can be measured for it’s not containable, which leads our thoughts into the magic of wondering more about it.


There is more to this wonderful equation with the South Node in Pisces positioned 180 degrees from Virgo and acting as an opposition. Opposite, yes, yet it will require us to pay attention when we may have deeper nuances of karmic remembrance on what we have lived and learned from the past. Through this understanding we may come to know that the healing Piscean energy is boundless and we can learn to drive it into the Earth. 

Now, the North Node in Virgo calls us into a reality check to use it these energies practically for the Highest Good of All. Here it is again, the potential for Soul Evolution, whereby we are doing for all by clearing the way of the selfish warrior and bringing our hearts into compassion serving in our capacity selflessly.


Facilitators will be coming to the front line to use and bring the pure transcendental energies of Pisces through the body vessel as healers for pure radiatory healing such as Radiatory Healers, Reiki Masters and Teachers, Empaths, Shamans, Pyschics and Mediums.

Those that are experiencing the Kundalini are in fact serving. The Priestess or Priest has been known for managing the Sacred Flame of the Kundalini Fire through the body vessel. This primal voltage of potent pranic energy naturally grounds into the Earth via the body and through the feet and effecting the frequency of the Earth. Insights through intuition and feelings received through this process are revealed giving  information that otherwise might not have been obtained without this conduit of pranic Kundalini fire.

Many of us are healers and teachers seeking to nurture and interface powerful change through balancing the Virgo/Pisces continuum, whether it be through plowing the fields or represented by the ancient and authentic laying on of hands healing modality whereby facilitators  are sourcing the Piscean sea of plenty.

A facillitator can intentionally invoke Piscean energy.  The body and hands are used to pass and flow nonspatial healing energy  through the body vessel. This is a beautiful interpretation for an astrological opposition of 180 degrees. Profound healing can happen yet the individual needs to set their intentions to heal thyself and fully embrace change understanding the potential to undergo a new journey.  Unfamiliar levels of activations within can be experienced by those ready to experience new levels of healing to open more fully into their natural and true Self.

Those already on the Path of expansion will feel more deeply the need to manage the misty watery Piscean flow by reigning in day and night, hour by hour or minute to minute through focus and grounding into an Earthbound perspective and simultaneously keeping the nose to the grindstone.


Here is where we reap the fruit from years of sowing seeds of intentions, study and hard work no matter what  it has been; into BECOMING.

Re-identify, Re-learn and Repeat rituals that make you feel grounded and secure in order to perform or practice your expertise by enabling your abilities for the Highest Good of All. Remember everything is changing,  it’s getting better! There is a place for everyone in Service no matter what your previous experience has been.

Be creative and think big. Get up, Get down and go to work not allowing restraining factors to get in your way. Dream big, no one is too old for dreaming. Dreams come true and MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Helping is good for your Soul and the lessons of the North Node in Virgo exemplifies the practical way to learn is through direct experience in service. Soul wisdom is the guiding light to shine it on the Path for those behind to see.


                                         DO IT  There is no time like NOW.


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